Valentine’s Day

Hey! This is my second post and now I’m back. It has been a long time (I dunno… since January something.  Not sure) Besides, I had a lot of busy things ahead of me. So anyway,  I was pretty much buried inside because of the snow. Ok, now back to me.  Tomorrow is love day (Aka valentine’s day). I’ll tell you my days:

‘I remembered back in elementary school, it wss awesome. We got candy (along with cards) and a party.  Then, when I got in middle school,  it wasn’t all that fun.  No party. No card exchange? No nothing. It was just a normal day. ‘

Honestly, I do not know if we are going to have school tomorrow (y’know,  because of the snow) so I’m not sure if we are even going to have a valentine’s day.  Tomorrow,  our class is having a luncheon (we have recess so we might even play a game). Catch ya later!

P.S. I’m entering the project fair.  My idea is a surprise and will not be revealed until the third post. 


First post ever

Congratulations,  today is the new year!  2014!! Can’t you believe it.  But let’s hope it’s a good year because 2013… well, let’s just say that it was Not my magical moment? ❓  . Anyway, I had some horrible memories of 2013 ( 😦 ). My sisters forgot my birthday, it was raining and mom promised she would take the family to a restaurant, but it was raining (I was hoping for that dinner 😦 ). I was in a combination between angry and I was 😥 (almost). How were your memories of 2013? Anyway, this is my first post ( yay! :D) but it’s gonna turn crappy (boo! 😦 ). I know but you will be bored, and I might as well not tell you the tour. Anyway,  what did you think of this post? Reply in the comments below.  You could comment as guest or make a wordpress account.

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