Name: Imogen (DD name is TWFanmilyDirectionerVEVO)

About Me:People think I am Aussie because of the way I speak. I do have some Aussie descent which is why I I speak Aussie. I am not All American. I do have some British and Aussie descents and I rather live I the UK, Australia, New Zealand, or Ireland. That explains why I used British and Aussie words. I use mate a lot. I also have an interest in urban legends. I learned that reading to much makes you have creepy visions and nightmares.

To describe my life in one word: NANDOSSSSSSSSS ATTACK

Ok, maybe that was two words and maybe not to describe my life but maybe my favorite food. People think I am weird ok??!! :D? I like being weird.

Activities:School Band (Clarinet), softball, debating.

Beliefs:I believe in nobody but myself and my family.

books:Anything that interests me is alright. I don’t have a specific favorite though.

Movies:I guess anything?

Music:The Wanted, One Direction, Little Mix, Nikki Ponte, Union J

Quotes: http://www.wattpad.com/21646218-one-direction-imagines-a-couple-louis-imagines


Some of them are funny, especially, the library one

Sports Teams:Manchester United, Chelsea

TV Shows: Anything I like

Favorite band members:

Union J: Josh

One Direction: Niall

The Wanted: Nathan

Little Mix: All of them

Thanks for reading my bio!


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